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Old Parish & St Paul's Church (3)

This impressive church building, on top of a small knowe held its first service in November 1881 to the accompaniment of organ music and was built to provide additional accommodation for the expanding congregation of the Parish Church by the Mercat Cross. The Parish Church closed in 1931 and the congregation combined with St Paul's.

The red sandstone for the building came from the Belses Quarry near Ancrum to the south east. The quarry was close to the railway line and the stone would have been easily transported the 16km (10 miles) to Galashiels. The transport of the large polished granite columns, which support the high roof inside the church, would have caused more of a problem as they came from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. The towering 57m (190 feet) high spire was damaged in a gale in 1888 but repaired shortly afterwards. If you look up, you can see a gargoyle at each corner of the spire. The porch on the front (designed by the architect Peter Macgregor Chalmers) was added as a memorial to the two sons of a local manufacturer, William Schulze, who both died near Amiens in the First World War. The figure of Christ above the door is an exact copy of the one at Amiens Cathedral. The hall to the side was added in 1927. The minister of the time - Dr Langlands - was an avid badminton player and decided on the dimensions of the hall by pacing out the size of two badminton courts. The church has some fine stained glass windows dating from the late 19th and early 20th century. Continue along Scott Crescent until you reach the Mercat Cross.

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Old Parish & St Paul's Church
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