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Glasite Chapel (14)

The Glasite church for the area was at first located in the village of Darnick, to the west of Melrose. This transferred to Gala in 1775, initially to the Old Town but then to Botany Lane in 1842. The Glasite Movement followed the teachings of Pastor John Glas who practised abstinence from alcoholic drink. The congregation ceased to worship here many years ago.

The chapel is a rather unassuming building and is also called the 'Kail Kirk'. The Sunday services sometimes lasted most of the day and food was provided for the worshippers. This often consisted of kail soup, a dish made with curly leafed cabbage.

Return to Roxburgh Street and walk into Union Street which is almost opposite Botany Lane. The house which faces Roxburgh Street and forms one side of a courtyard, was built in the mid 19th century. Once in Union Street, on the right you will see the former engineering works of Robert Herbert. The workshops were built in the early 20th century, this is a pleasing industrial building which was renovated in 1994. Notice the large arched openings at ground floor and the central loading door and window at first floor level. The Congregational Church, with its fish scale slated tower, forms another side of the courtyard.

Return to Roxburgh Street, turn right and go straight on up the 'Hundred Steps' (in actual fact there are 78) into Roxburgh Place. At the end of the street, turn left and walk down Gala Park until you reach the Burgh School on your left. For those not wishing to use the stairs, continue along Union Street and turn left to go up Kirk Brae, turning left into Gala Park and joining the route again.

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Glasite Chapel
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