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St. Peters Under 5's Group

St Peter's School Toddler Group and Playgroup was formed by former Headteacher Margaret Bonner in the 1980's. Two afternoons per week were set aside for toddlers and 3 mornings for Playgroup. These groups met in a classroom in the school.

In 1993, space was at a premium in the school and other premises had to be found. After a great deal of hard work and negotiation, we managed to find the McQueen Room at the Hayward Pavilion, Netherdale, Galashiels. As Playgroup could not function without Toddler revenues, we amalgamated to become St Peters Under 5's Group (no apostrophe or mention of school or the name would have had to be changed). We prospered over the next few years to 5 mornings for Playgroup and 2 Toddler afternoons.

We remained at Netherdale for almost 4 years until the 'Reivers' needed the room. Once again, after much work, we managed to rent part of the Scout Hall in St John's Street, Galashiels and this is where we remain to this day.

Our hours of opening are 9.15am - 11.30am Monday to Friday for Playgroup and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.00pm for Toddlers.

Playgroup is open to all children over 2.5yrs of age and Toddlers from birth until 3 years of age.

In April 2000, the Group received Government funding for all 3 year olds at Playgroup. The funding is available for each child who attends a minimum of 2 sessions each week.

Our Playgroup is run by two qualified Playleaders who possess real flair and imagination in running the sessions. Great care is taken over each child's individual needs.

At present there are places available in both Playgroup and Toddlers.

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