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Sizzling Piggy BBQ

Sizzling Piggy BBQ
Tom Douglas
Hotline Number - 01896 752413.
Web site : Sizzling Piggy BBQ

About the Sizzling Piggy Barbecue

Sizzling Piggy was born at a fireworks party to celebrate a family birthday in 1993. I had offered to provide the meat for the party and with three days to go I wondered how I was going to cook it. After some thought and a lot of work I produced the first Sizzling Piggy barbecue, which was a rather primitive device, and we barbecued a whole lamb on a spit.

Roasts & Barbeques

There are now four models of sizzlers so we can handle big functions when necessary and also take on up to four different functions on the same night or day. I have a reliable team of helpers who all enjoy barbequing, and they turn up and do the business, when required. As we say anytime, anywhere, any weather and any amount of people!!
Roast Suckling Pig on the Barbeque A tasty way of entertaining at any size and kind of event Simple, wholesome and fresh pure meat, quality cooked on the wood of your choice. (e.g. beech, ash, oak, pine)
Pork, lamb, beef, venison, fish and chicken - cooked and slightly smoked.
Meats can be marinaded in calvados, wine, port, fruit juice, sherry etc. and spiced with mixed herbs, salt, black pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme..... It's up to you!
Carved, served on to trays and presented for individual portioning as you wish. Rolls and salads to accompany your meal. Disposable napkins, cutlery and plates provided.

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