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Braw Lads

Other Borders Appearances

Their first public appearance takes place, usually in May, on Spurs Night when the Selkirk Standard Bearer visits the town to be meet by the official party Galafoot. The cavalcade returns to stirrup cup, which is provided by Gala Y.M. Rugby Club. Afterwards the official party proceed to a dinner where the Braw Lad and Selkirk Standard Bearer are presented with spurs and the Braw Lass with a compact and are entertained by the Gala Souters' Association.

The next official ride-out is to Threepwood, usually near the end of May where the Braw Lad, Braw Lass and Attendants meet the Lauder Cornet, his Lass and supporters to exchange friendly greetings. This meeting takes place in the evening and is a popular ride for the followers on horseback. After the ceremonies, all adjourn to Lauder where the celebrations continue into the night. At midnight the young representatives from both towns take part in a reel in the town centre.

By the time the Common Riding season is in full swing our young people will have taken part in 'Picking Nights', and 'Declaration Nights' as far off as Musselburgh and Langholm with all the Borders towns in between. Many lasting friendships are made at these events.

Our principals' first Border Common Riding takes place at Hawick on the Friday after the first Monday in June. Selkirk Common Riding follows a week later, which is then followed by Peebles and Melrose. All these events are well attended by the people of their town and many fellow Borderers.

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