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Braw Lads

The Weekend Prior to Galashiels Braw Lads' Week

Our Braw Lads' Week starts with the very popular Scottish Country-Dance, which is held on the Friday evening in the Volunteer Hall. The Braw Lad, Braw Lass and Attendants attend and dance the Braw Lads' Reel, which was specially designed by Mrs Anne Naismith. They then depart to support the Melrosian at his Ball.

Saturday brings us the school childrens' discos, which are attended by all the Primary Schools pupils ( over 1200 screaming kids !! ) where they get a chance to meet and dance with this years Principals.

The following Sunday is a very busy day for the Executive Council with the Braw Lads' Sports at Netherdale, where there is a large number of sporting events including a Borders Principals Touch Rugby Tournament which is very well supported. Many other attractions are there, including trade stands, amusements and of course, the School Childrens' Sports. Netherdale is preceded by the Kirking of the Official Party, which is held in the Braw Lads' Church.

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